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Happy 28th Birthday Lee Min Ho ( ´∀`)☆ 220687

happy 28th birthday lee min ho!

'Cause he knows the things that makes me the happiest.

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Lord, it’s all up to you

I may not like where I am today, but I know here is where you want me. I may not like what’s happening around me, but I know there’s a reason behind this.

I thought my irregular days as a student will end this sem. For I’ve summer everything I needed to be a regular student again. But unfortunately, we can’t. Before we had a “vacation” after our summer classes, we posted a request letter regarding for the opening of a new section for us ‘cause there are no available sections to enroll ‘cause all slots are taken. I was expecting that before the classes starts they already opened one for us but they don’t. We asked at the Dean’s office if they will open one and they said yes. Again, unfortunately the Physics 2 course opened is only for engineering students. How about us, architecture students!? Ugh. We did everything we can for them to open one for us, I almost begged anyone who can help us, even our department chairman who’s really willing to help us, but in the end still, nothing happened. I just felt so weak earlier. Not because I’m sick. I didn’t even ease the pain I’m feeling just because I’m really desperate to get a Physics 2 class this semester but I can’t do further than this. As we talk to our department chairman for the last time, he really didn’t make us feeling down and he still give us hope. He said, if we couldn’t take Physics 2 for this sem, he suggested why don’t we take some courses (subjects) that doesn’t have pre-requisite for us not to waste our time. Well he’s right. ‘Cause there’s only one subject we won’t take if we don’t take Physics 2 today and that’s Tropical Design. Good thing about it, that design course doesn’t have any pre-requisite subject so we can take it during the summer. SUMMER, AGAIN.

This one is really frustrating. But I’m doing my best to accept what’s happening on me neither us ‘cause I know there’s a reason. Maybe this is really a part of being a College student. It will end. Soon.

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Father’s 2nd time to join a Bike Tournament (The Fort, Taguig City)
It was my first time to come with them in a weekend getaway. (‘Cause Ive spent my whole summer at work and in my summer classes.) When I haven’t tried coming with them before, I always feel annoyed when they are keep on talking about biking/cycling thingy. Though I’m kinda into sports, since I came into college I didn’t had anytime to go out for this kind of activity. It was a great experience to come here. Now I understand how great it is to be in this kind of stuff. Since my family is already into it, I’m starting to cope up with this despite of my busy schedule in school.
My father joined in the category Seniors. Out of 24 players he got the 13th place. Not bad for a beginner, at least he made it in the middle place. Hahaha! If only he didn’t fall 2 times in the track, he could make it into 9th place. Well that’s natural for them to experience that.
Soon, if I could train well with them I would also be able to join some tournament like them. I hope I could watch more some tournaments for them to inspire me.
This is a great start of something new.

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You don’t blog for you to gain followers, you blog to inspire others.

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When someone’s worth it, even if it means you’ll get hurt you’ll choose to stay rather than to lose the one you love.

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it makes me so happy that strangers find me followable 

When someone still loves you at your worst. It’s love.

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My blog is a personal blog, not a “pleasing you” blog. So I’ll blog what I want, not what anyone wants to see in my blog.

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Some of Minho’s endorsements for 2014.

This is the problem with me when I’m reading a book, I don’t want to get disturb.

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060614 Movie Date: The Fault In Our Stars

One of the best things you can have is someone who can be with you in everything you want or everything you do! I have my boyfriend. I’m so blessed to have this guy. Even I like to do the weirdest thing he can still manage. Even though I buy the weirdest thing he can manage. And even though he doesn’t watch such movie he did manage ‘cause I love it. At first he’s not that excited to watch the movie ‘cause its really not one of his interest. He’s a scific fan, okay? But he has nothing to do if I want to watch that movie so he came with me just to make me happy. Aw, sweet. Our intention was just to watch the movie only since we came from school before we went at Gateway. When the movie starts we are also talking (silently) about it. Then as the movie goes farther (OKAY IS THIS ONLY ME OR ALSO ALL OF YOU WHO WATCHED IT) I didn’t help it, my tears just fell. ‘Cause you know how damn in feels! Good thing I have his shoulder to cry on. He even wipe my tears and make me laugh when my tears can’t stop from falling. After we watched the movie we roam around Gateway and bought some stuff. I actually want to buy new pants since our classes will start on Monday but Bench doesn’t have a size that would fit on me. Ugh. Can’t even find other store who sells black jeans. Instead of buying a jeans, we went on National Bookstore (one of my fave places to go) and bought a book. I wash rushing upstairs of the bookstore ‘cause that is how much excited I was to buy a new book. I immediately went on the shelf where TFIOS books are found and pick one. He held the book as I roam around and chose another book, and I found Kuya Rhad’s “Pag-Ibig Thingy” book and also bought it. I was surprised when he paid the TFIOS book, I even got mad ‘cause I was actually the one who should pay it. But he told me, that he should be ‘cause he promised he would buy a book for me. But it was surprising ‘cause I didn’t expected he would buy one for me that time. Yay. *Happiest* At last, when we are about to go to the parking lot we dropped by to Go Nuts, Donuts to buy some for our family. Before we got into the parking lot we went on the flower stores at Farmers and that’s also the time he bought me the Sunflower. Hihihi.

Another day to save. I love you baby!

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